The Vitruvian Bots - Team 4201
The Vitruvian Bots is a team of about 40 students who are committed to showing the youth of their community how fun math, science, and engineering can be from Da Vinci Science high school located in Hawthorne, California.
The team believes that it is never too early to teach young kids topics that will help them throughout their lives. This is important because studies show that the United States math and sciences scores among high schools are rapidly decreasing. The change starts in you, are you going to take the chance?

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The past week has been PACKED with work. So much is going on. The pyramid is near completion and today we had a successful testing of the arm. Working late into schools nights and weekends have proven to be a successful routine for the Vitruvian Bots. The next steps will attaching our arm to the drive train, attaching the electronics, and finishing up the programming by the end of the week. Hopefully by Saturday we will have a prototype to really test with! The raw materials will also be coming this week, it’s so exciting.

Great job team!

Awesome work day for the Vitruvian Bots. Watch out for us this March!

Pictures taken from the first half of our work day today, and plenty more to come. Go, Vitruvian Bots!

Hey there, fellow FIRST teams!

Team 4201 (The Vitruvian Bots) is having another complete work day, dedicated to building a test pyramid, prototyping a shooter, building arms, prototyping the Ant, and making some programming decisions.

Working hard to get ready for tomorrow’s presentations. Everyone wants to have the best design.

Today, we’ve got an official work day.

The two temporary teams are modifying and perfecting designs as much as possible for their big presentations as the spirit and business teams find out whether we’ll be doing shirts or hoodies this year, maybe even both! DIY buttons might also be in the near future and a new mascot is being put into consideration. Also, our wonderful wheels came in today.


A Summary of Our Day

Today was a busy FIRST day, beginning with Kick Off. Once we got to our home turf, we got right to reading the manual and took a test on tool safety provided by our wonderful mentors. One of our mentors took our two team leaders (Marc and Ruqayya) to get our Kit of Parts. As soon they got back, it time for Kit Bot Build. The team branched our to wear they were assigned and the design for a prototype began, along with the building of the practice arena and a full organ transplant from Leo to the new robot.

Good job, team!

A continuation of the day, playing a game of frisbee and presenting designs and ideas.

Kick Off Day continues, with the transformation of Leo into a new bot.

We took his old parts and used them as our new drive train, reprogramming and using a belt system instead of our gear-and-chain set-up from last year.

Kick Off Day of 2013.

This is our second season as part of the FIRST community after winning the Highest Rookie Seed Award in the Los Angeles regional at the Long Beach arena. We are looking forward for a great season this year and can’t wait to see what other teams come up with.

The day was spent being split into groups to handle different tasks: taking apart our old robot Leo, putting together the kit bot, researching and creating designs, and even putting together a prototype launcher.